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The Dangermond Group
The Dangermond Group

The land ethic simply enlarges the boundaries of the community to include
soils, waters, plants and animals, or collectively: the land
- Aldo Leopold

Master Planning

The Dangermond Group offers a full range of services in master planning and design. Our implementation driven approach to the design process typically seeks input from the public and multiple disciplines ensuring that plans address the complex issues that are normally present in a project.

We work at clarifying critical issues so that we may find the best solutions to successfully integrate the needs of the client with those of the local community and the larger environment. We are equally comfortable working on system wide, as well as individual projects.

Areas of Expertise
  Master Plans for Parks, Trails, Resorts,
    Museums, Scenic Open Space Areas,
    Botanic Gardens, River Parkways, and
    Water Based Recreation Facilities
  Site Planning and Design
  Interpretive Plans
  Recreational Trails Plans

Diamond Valley
A site plan for a reservoir with developed park and recreation facilities, and preserved wildlands

City of Riverside Park and Recreation Master Plan
An update to General Plan Park and Recreation Element

Indian Canyons
Master planning for a cultural museum

Yolo County Parks
A park master plan update including development of infrastructure assessments, facilitation and public input process, GIS mapping, and funding strategies.

Sacramento Valley Conservancy
GIS analysis focusing on environmental factors to support application for land procurement grants.