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The Dangermond Group
The Dangermond Group

On tops of mountains, as everywhere to hopeful souls, it is always morning.
- Henry David Thoreau

Conservation Planning and

The Dangermond Group offers an array of conservation planning services in response to the diverse range of challenges and opportunities facing non-profit organizations, public agencies, local government, and private investors.

We have gained a reputation as a leader in developing creative solutions to conservation issues, including land conservation strategies and implementation plans, habitat plans, environmental mitigation, financing, and land acquisition options.

Working closely with regulatory agencies and consulting with resource experts, public agencies, environmental groups, developers, and other stakeholder groups, we are able to synthesize complex issues into solutions that satisfy all affected parties.

Areas of Expertise
Land Conservation and Preservation
Implementation Strategy Planning
Habitat Conservation Strategies
Negotiations with Willing Sellers
Habitat Conservation Plans
Environmental Mitigation and
Mitigation Banking Arrangements

The Riverside Land Conservancy
Land acquisition, State park development and funding strategies in Southern California

Broadscale Conservation Planning
Development of integrated multi-species reserve and wildlife corridor system plan and transportation strategic planning

Implementation Strategy Planning
Develop and complete an implementation strategy for open space and wildlife corridor preservation east of the City of Santa Clarita