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The Dangermond Group
The Dangermond Group

Wheresoever we may venture to go in all this good world,
nature is ever found richer and more beautiful than she seems...
- John Muir

About Us

The Dangermond Group is a planning and design firm with an emphasis on parks, recreation, and resource conservation. Established in 1983 by Pete Dangermond, the firm is based in Sacramento, California.

The Dangermond Group is a multi-faceted firm that embraces all aspects of land planning. We take a comprehensive approach to planning and design challenges by blending the sensitive design abilities of landscape architects with expertise in recreation operations and sustainable planning.

Our niche in project planning and design is the convergence of environmental preservation and community assets "where people and the environment come together". We believe that successful projects enrich people's lives through thoughtful and careful integration into the surrounding landscape and community. Therefore, we are committed to crafting creative solutions to difficult planning problems..

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